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If dealing with taxes was meant to be easy, the U.S. tax code wouldn’t be nearly 75,000 pages long. No one can be faulted for feeling overwhelmed by this towering document, especially when failing to follow it precisely can smack you with penalties or greater consequences. At The Blue Law Group, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you decipher what applies to you in the federal and state tax code.

Our familiarity with these allows us to offer tax planning services that can help you anticipate and deal with tax issues before they become serious problems. Whether you need help with your business or as an individual, we can offer it. The Blue Law Group can help you structure your life and finances in ways that can lead to better results with your taxes.

Let us help you get on the right track with your taxes. Contact us online or call (909) 766-9996 to schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney.

Structuring Business Transactions

If you’re buying or selling a business, tax planning can become an integral part of your strategy for acquiring or selling a company. We can help you come up with a plan to balance your company’s tax obligations with your business goals without making unnecessary sacrifices along the way.

Our efforts can result in reduced tax burdens during business transactions, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help our clients reach this goal. Our tax planning attorney in Rancho Cucamonga is adamant about helping his clients reach the most agreeable outcomes possible, especially when it comes to minimizing their tax burdens during a business transaction.

For help with your personal or business tax planning needs in Downtown Los Angeles or San Bernardino County, contact The Blue Law Group online.


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  • Charges Dropped Conspiracy to Commit Murder
  • Successful Defense DUI Defense
  • Successful Judgement Judgement in Taxpayer Corporation's Favor
  • Successful Judgement Judgement in Taxpayer Corporation's Favor
  • Favorable Judgment No Prosecution & Child Returned to Mother
  • Settlement Reached Premises Liability Case Settlement
  • Successful Judgment Property Tax Case
  • Settlement Reached Settlement at the IRS Office of Appeals
  • Settlement Reached Settlement on Civil Rights Case
  • Settlement Reached Settlement on Gender Discrimination Case

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