Case Results

  • Charges Dropped
    Conspiracy to Commit Murder
    Successfully represented client resulting in the dropping of all charges in connection with the allegation the client was involved in a conspiracy to commit murder.
  • Successful Defense
    DUI Defense
    Successful defense of a man accused of driving under the influence after illustrating the police dashcam video was severely, substantially, and materially inconsistent with the police reports—calling into question police unconstitutional stop of the ...
  • Successful Judgement
    Judgement in Taxpayer Corporation's Favor
    Judgment in U.S. Tax Court in favor of taxpayer, resulting in a finding that not only was no tax liability due as alleged by the IRS (e.g., “no deficiency in income tax”), but also a finding that a refund was due to the taxpayer by the IRS.
  • Successful Judgement
    Judgement in Taxpayer Corporation's Favor
    Judgment in U.S. Tax Court in favor of taxpayer corporation over a two-year intense audit finding no deficiencies in income tax due, as alleged by the IRS.
  • Favorable Judgment
    No Prosecution & Child Returned to Mother
    Favorable decision to not criminally prosecute and simultaneously favorable judgment ordering the return of a child to its mother (and father) despite facing an intentional child abuse charge, county allegations of fear the child would be killed, and ...
  • Settlement Reached
    Premises Liability Case Settlement
    Settlement with two national retail stores for premises liability cases.
  • Successful Judgment
    Property Tax Case
    Successfully sued a county to return the client’s real property after it was taken by that county in a tax sale alleging the client owed property taxes. After filing the lawsuit against the county, the new purchaser of the property in the tax sale, ...
  • Settlement Reached
    Settlement at the IRS Office of Appeals
    Settlement at the IRS Office of Appeals, ending a two-year intensely contested audit of a taxpayer and its spouse, and approximately 15 corporations owned by the taxpayer–resulting in no additional taxes to be paid.
  • Settlement Reached
    Settlement on Civil Rights Case
    Settlement with a governmental entity for a case involving civil rights (excessive use of force).
  • Settlement Reached
    Settlement on Gender Discrimination Case
    Settlement with a prominent nationally renowned university for a case involving gender discrimination.
  • Several Settlements Reached
    Settlements on Employment & Labor Law Violations
    Several favorable and substantial settlements involving employment and labor law violations.
  • $17 Million Judgement
    Successful Judgement
    Judgment for over $17 million (later reduced to $3.8 million) against defendants for Fraud, RICO, Professional Negligence, Unfair Competition, and Untrue/Misleading Advertising