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Who Should I Contact for Tax Issues: Tax Lawyer or Accountant?

If you are dealing with tax issues, you likely have countless questions about what you should do to resolve them. Since tax issues can be complicated to handle, they often require professional guidance. Seeking the right professional guidance is essential to resolve your tax issues-- whether it is for tax claims or audits, tax planning, or dealing with tax debt.

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Should I Contact a Tax Lawyer or an Accountant?

Determining whether you need a tax lawyer or an accountant will depend on the type of assistance you need. Of course, there is no prohibition against speaking with both a tax lawyer and an accountant. Below we have put together common tax issues people face and whether a tax lawyer or tax attorney would be more fit to assist you.

Individual & Personal Tax Planning: Tax attorneys and accountants are useful when you need business advice. For example, if you want tax planning strategies, an accountant and a tax attorney would be beneficial in this area.

Tax Litigation: However, if you are dealing with tax litigation and appeals, a tax attorney would be the best professional to contact. A tax lawyer would be equipped with handling issues related to liability. An accountant wouldn’t be fit to deal with the legal complexities of tax law and other related issues.

Tax Preparation Assistance: If you are looking for simple tax preparation assistance or a tax strategy for your new business, an accountant would be a good fit. However, if you want to implement preventative tax strategies to avoid tax litigation in your business, a tax attorney would be a great asset. Since a tax attorney knows the legal tax complexities, they can foresee possible tax implications that could affect your business down the line.

Tax Claims & Audits: If your tax issue is more complex and involves multiple parties or organizations, it would be best to contact a tax attorney. For example, if you find yourself in the position of receiving tax claims or audits against you or your business, you should contact an attorney.

Tax Debt: If you are dealing with tax debt, it is helpful to have guidance from an accountant and a tax attorney. An accountant can analyze your tax debt and help you prevent dealing with similar issues in the future. A tax attorney can help you determine which solution is best for you. A lawyer can help you file an offer in compromise or an installment agreement.

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When dealing with tax issues, there isn’t anything more valuable than having a tax professional who has the knowledge of a tax attorney and an accountant. At The Blue Law Group, Attorney Blue not only holds five university degrees but one of which is a Master of Laws in Tax. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and is Board Certified by the State Bar of California as a Specialist in Taxation.

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