Westwood/Los Angeles Penalty Abatement Attorney

Westwood/Los Angeles Penalty Abatement Attorney

The Blue Law Group Can Help You Reduce Your IRS Fines

Falling behind on your taxes is easy to do if you’re experiencing financial hardship. It can also make things worse when the IRS penalizes you with fines when you can’t pay your taxes on time, can’t afford the full amount of your tax debt, or have failed to file a tax return at all. Penalties can compound your financial hardship, and it may seem like there’s no way to get out from underneath it – but there might be.

The Blue Law Group can help you fight to reduce or eliminate tax penalties placed against you. Our assistance means you may be able to take advantage of one of three ways to challenge your responsibility for paying tax penalties.

We can help you challenge penalties by the three following means:

  • A waiver for reasonable cause
  • A waver for a first-time penalty abatement
  • Citing statutory exceptions

Read on to learn more about these three options that may be available to you, then reach out to The Blue Law Group’s penalty abatement attorney in Westwood/Los Angeles for help. When you do, ask about scheduling a free initial consultation to learn more about how we may be able to respond to your unique situation.

Contact The Blue Law Group today by reaching out to our firm online or by calling 231-466-0960.

Reasonable Cause Waivers

If a penalty was placed against you under circumstances that were outside of your control, you may be able to apply for a reasonable cause waiver to mitigate the penalty’s impact. Common reasons people apply for reasonable cause waivers is if they were affected by a natural disaster, incapacitation, or other extreme reasons for not fulfilling their tax obligations. Executors and administrators of estates may also file for a reasonable cause waiver if someone died before paying their taxes and consequently incurred a penalty for missing the deadline to file in the meantime.

If you or the estate of a loved one was subject to a tax penalty under extreme circumstances outside of their control, The Blue Law Group’s penalty abatement attorney in Westwood/Los Angeles may be able to assist you. Please bear in mind that not having the money to pay off your tax debt or forgetting to file your tax return are circumstances the IRS may not be inclined to forgive.

Relief from Your First Penalty

If you were given a penalty for the first time for failing to file on time, pay off your tax debt, or for other common reasons, the IRS is inclined to forgive a first-time offense. In other words, you may qualify for a “freebie” if the reason for your first penalty isn’t so severe that it warrants more serious action from the IRS.

First-time penalty waivers can apply under the following circumstances:

  • You incurred no tax penalties for three tax years prior to the year for which you received a penalty
  • You have filed for an extension
  • You’d paid some of your current tax debt on time or have made arrangements with the IRS to do so

Statutory Exceptions

Contrary to popular belief, the IRS is staffed by human beings who are inclined to make errors from time to time. You may have received incorrect written instructions from an IRS agent that resulted in a penalty from the IRS. If this was the case, you must retain evidence of the written instruction and consult with your penalty abatement attorney in Westwood/Los Angeles for help.

Statutory exceptions may be granted when the following items are presented to the IRS:

  • Your initial request for help or direction from the IRS
  • The IRS’ erroneous written response
  • A report of tax adjustments (if any) that show a penalty or increase to your tax liability

The Blue Law Group can help you locate, organize, and file these materials with your IRS for its consideration. Reach out to us for help by contacting us online!

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